Order of products


Name of the enterprise:
JSC "Pinsk vine producing factory".
Food industry and processing industry.
Juridical address:
Republic of Belarus
index 225766, Brest region,
Pinsk region, Sadovyj settlement, Sovetskaya street, 2
Bank requisites:
account  3012000002164 at branch  № 121 JSC «SB «Belarusbank», MFO 150 501 854.
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Contact telephones:
international code  8-10-375-165
code in the Republic of Belarus 8-0165

Name Post Telephone
Pinchuk Aleksander Aleksandrovich director 30-71-47
Reception secretary 30-74-22

chief accountant 30-72-41
Lytvynchuk Oleg Stepanovich chief engineer 30-71-75
Volk Sergei Borisovich Deputy Director of Commercial Affairs 30-72-28
Loznyuha Natalia Yuryevna Head of Marketing and Sales 30-72-59